From Arne’s blog: A Hard-Fought Right

October 30th, 2020

News from Marriott International

From Arne’s blog: A Hard-Fought Right

On Sept. 22, National Voter Registration Day, President and CEO of Marriott International Arne Sorenson shared his thoughts on civic engagement, and how the company is encouraging its associates to vote in this year’s election.

“When we think about the great sacrifices made by so many to earn the right to vote – people died for that right – it’s clear that more of us should be voting and doing it with passion. Every election year, at Marriott, we work to encourage our associates across the country to vote, starting early with resources on registering while encouraging flexibility for our associates so they have time to vote in both the primaries and in November’s general election … I’m truly hopeful that this year, the turnout numbers will be staggering — not because of how many people didn’t vote, but instead because of how many Americans did.”

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