Marriott International Joins Festivities for National Bike Month

June 6th, 2018

May was National Bike Month, and in downtown Bethesda, the community celebrated in a big way with a series of bike-themed events promoting safety and cycling as an alternative mode of transportation.

On May 18, Marriott International joined the festivities by sponsoring a “Bike to Work Day” pit stop in downtown Bethesda; one of about 100 pit stops throughout the region and attracting more than 700 participants a year. Despite heavy rains, Marriott welcomed hundreds of cyclists to the pit stop with sponsored food and prizes, including a brand-new Element Hotels-branded bike from Priority Bicycles. The regional Bike to Work Day event, organized by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclists Association, brings together DMV-area cycling commuters to participate in a fun, environmentally-friendly, and healthy way to get to work. Marriott returned this year as a regional sponsor of the event.

Marriott also sponsored the Bethesda Bike Ride, a guided bike ride throughout downtown Bethesda and the final event of the series on June 7. The company gave away another brand-new Element Hotels-branded bike from Priority Bicycles to one lucky winner.

In addition to this year’s downtown Bethesda pit stop, for 15 years the company has hosted its own pit stop at its headquarters on Fernwood Drive. Marriott has long advocated bike commuting. The company’s biking club encourages and incentivizes associates to commute by bike with showers, lockers, and bike storage.


Becky Shepherdson won the Element Hotels-branded bike from Priority Bicycles at the Bike to Work Day event.

Melanie Frank won the Element Hotels-branded bike from Priority Bicycles at the Bethesda Bike Ride.

Volunteers from the Marriott tent at Bike to Work Day, from left to right: Apoorva Gandhi, Vice President, Multicultural Affairs, Marriott International; Jeff Burton, Deputy Executive Director, Bethesda Urban Partnership; Susanna Parker, Employer Outreach Representative, Bethesda Urban Partnership; Kariann Zentz, Maier & Warner Public Relations; Andrew Gagliano, Maier & Warner Public Relations.