A letter from Arne Sorenson, Marriott President and CEO

August 23rd, 2017

August 23, 2017 –

Dear Friends,

My name is Arne Sorenson and I am the president and CEO of Marriott International. On behalf of the more than 3,500 associates who work at our headquarters, I am excited to tell you more about our plans for a new corporate headquarters and a new 238-room Marriott Hotel in downtown Bethesda, which we expect to open in mid-2022. Both buildings will be located just two blocks north of Metro, between Woodmont and Wisconsin avenues at Norfolk Avenue.

We believe downtown Bethesda is truly the right place for our team of associates. We’ll be joining a vigorous and diverse community whose lively urban setting is exciting for all of us. We also love the idea of being within walking distance to many public transportation options, especially Metro. And we are proud to be staying in Montgomery County, a community we have called home for more than 60 years.

As your new downtown neighbor, you can expect to see us participating and volunteering in Bethesda’s civic life, including through our long-running Spirit to Serve Our Communities initiative. We hope to meet you during the building development process, on public “welcome” tours when we open our new headquarters, and at our future hotel with all of its state-of-the-art features and offerings.

As we begin our headquarters development process, I want to personally let you know that we are committed to being a responsive partner. Continue staying connected with us through our website www.MHQBethesda.com and sharing your thoughts and questions.

As a long-time Montgomery County resident and a huge fan of Bethesda, I am excited that Marriott International will become part of the fabric of this dynamic community. I am counting on our presence and our associates to add vitality in ways both great and small, and above all to be a good neighbor.

Arne Sorenson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Marriott International, Inc.