Why does Marriott need to move from its current headquarters?

Marriott International has been in its current location on Fernwood Road since 1978. In that time, the company has grown exponentially and, with its acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts in September 2016, Marriott’s brand portfolio of 30 is now in over 124 countries with over 675,000 associates who wear the Marriott badge, globally. As Marriott strives to be the world’s favorite travel company, it needs a headquarters that empowers and enables its associates to accomplish its global mission.

The new headquarters building will provide a cutting-edge workspace for associates, offering state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, and access to a range of transportation options that includes the adjacent Bethesda Metro station. The new headquarters building will meet “green” building standards and allow abundant natural light as well as provide the company’s associates new opportunities for flexible, collaborative work spaces. The headquarters building will also offer a childcare center for associates’ children, a fitness center, cafeteria, modern and flexible meeting and conference space, and accessibility. It will also include a new Marriott Hotel.

Why downtown Bethesda?

Aside from offering a vibrant mixed-use, urban community with more than 200 restaurants, over 500 retail shops, and 20 arts and entertainment venues, downtown Bethesda is a location that is true to the roots of the company’s founding. Even with its global presence and diverse collection of associates, the company recognizes how important Bethesda has been to its corporate history and how impactful having a headquarters in downtown Bethesda can be to attracting and retaining top talent.

Where exactly is this site?

The selected site is located at 7750 Wisconsin Avenue, at the corner of Wisconsin and Norfolk avenues and spans approximately two acres between Wisconsin and Woodmont avenues with Norfolk Avenue as its northern boundary.

Why was this site selected?

The selected location on Wisconsin Avenue is ideally situated just a short walk from Metro and adjacent to ample parking options. It is near the heart of the Bethesda Central Business District with abundant resources for dining, shopping, and other services that will support Marriott, its guests, and associates.

This location is also ideally situated to allow access from both Wisconsin and Woodmont avenues as well as from Old Georgetown Road where Garage 11 is located, the garage Marriott, through an agreement with the county, will have exclusive access to during daytime business hours (7 AM – 6 PM ET). This is an important consideration for ease of access.

The development concept presented by The Bernstein Companies and Boston Properties meshed with Marriott’s vision for a modern, urban campus and a collaborative workplace for its world-class team.

What will be built? When will it open?

The new $600 million Marriott state-of-the-art campus will have an approximately 700,000-square-foot headquarters building, a 244-room Marriott Hotel, and a plaza connecting the two buildings that will include an open, public connection between Wisconsin and Woodmont avenues. Currently, the headquarters building and hotel are scheduled to open in mid-2022.

Tell me more about the hotel.

With over 8,000 square-feet of flexible space for meetings, conferences, and banquets, the Marriott Hotel will provide both businesses and residents of Bethesda with an amazing place to host events. The hotel will also offer exceptional dining and social amenities, including a ground-floor restaurant offering outdoor dining on the pedestrian plaza, a specialty coffee shop, and a seasonal rooftop-dining terrace.

How tall will the buildings be?

Marriott’s headquarters will be 21 stories tall and the Marriott Hotel will be 12 stories tall.

What does the community get out of Marriott’s relocation?

Marriott has been a responsible corporate partner in Montgomery County for more than 60 years. Moving the headquarters to downtown Bethesda means jobs remain in Montgomery County and downtown Bethesda’s restaurants, shops, and services are anticipated to benefit from the influx of spending from Marriott associates.

  • We believe that, ultimately, many associates — current and future — will be attracted to live in Bethesda and nearby communities with access to transit.
  • Marriott has a legacy of being an active and committed community partner. We fully intend to participate in the downtown Bethesda community, as well.

Other positive impacts, both immediate and long-term, include:

    • An estimated $89 million in construction salaries over 2.5 years.
    • An estimated $2.3 billion in annual business activity spurred by supplier purchasing and employee economic activity.
    • Marriott will continue to spend millions with Maryland companies. In 2016, its supplier purchasing within the state was approximately $500 million.
    • An estimated $1.8 billion in local property, income and sales tax revenue over 20 years as a result of Marriott’s presence in Bethesda.
    • Adding an attractive addition to the Bethesda skyline as envisioned by county planners.
    • Building an environmentally-friendly complex utilizing the latest green technology.
    • Creating greater transit use, contributing to fare box collections.
    • Marriott’s agreement with the county for exclusive access to Garage 11 will pump millions of dollars into Bethesda’s parking district fund.

Who will develop the new Marriott headquarters?

A partnership consisting of The Bernstein Companies and Boston Properties (NYSE:BXP) will jointly develop and own the Marriott Headquarters. The building will be leased exclusively to Marriott International. The hotel will be developed and owned by The Bernstein Companies and will be managed by Marriott. For more information about the developers, visit the Developer’s page.

Is the new Marriott headquarters included in the Downtown Bethesda Plan?

The Bethesda Downtown Plan sector plan has been approved. The new Marriott headquarters was required to undergo an approval process just as any other development would be required to do. For more information about the Bethesda Downtown Plan, visit the Montgomery County Department of Planning website.

Where will Marriott employees park?

The development concept includes more than 800 on-site underground parking spaces. Under the terms of an agreement with Montgomery County, Marriott will have exclusive use of Garage 11 located at 7730 Woodmont Avenue for Marriott employees and visitors during daytime business hours (7 AM – 6 PM ET). It will remain open to the public at other times, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

If Marriott uses county garage space, won’t that greatly reduce available public parking?

Garage 11 will remain available to the public on workday evenings (after 6 PM ET), and all day on weekends and holidays.

In addition, there are several county parking facilities within a short walk of the selected site that have substantial available capacity. The Circulator bus provides free, convenient service between public parking garages throughout the Bethesda parking district.

To view a map of public parking facilities in downtown Bethesda, visit the Montgomery County Department of Transportation website.

Where are the other parking garages near Garage 11?

There are five other county parking facilities within walking distance to Garage 11 that have substantial available capacity.

      • Garage 40 (4935 St. Elmo Avenue)
      • Garage 49 (7601 Woodmont Avenue)
      • Garage 42 (4720 Cheltenhem Drive)
      • Garage 36 (4907 Del Ray Avenue)
      • Lot 41 (4538 Middleton Lane)

How can I learn more about the development process?

For all questions about development and construction, please visit our Developer’s page.